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Excursion 2 – Grande Soeur & Coco island

Grande Soeur Island, also called Big Sister, East Sister, is an island in the Seychelles archipelago, Located north of La Digue. It is part of Iles Soeurs with Petite Soeur. It is a granitic island covered with tropical forests. In the 20th century there was a small coconut plantation on the island. In 2005 the island, which was privately owned, was bought by hotel Château de Feuilles from Praslin Island.

Grande Soeur & Coco island
Full Day
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Boat trips from islands to islands.

We have 3 boats and every morning at 9:30 we offer various trips to the islands near the island of La Digue, our home port.

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EXCURSION 2 / Whole day

In the morning, same excursion as the previous one then meal on the island of "Big sister". Grilled fish on the menu. Lazing on this beautiful island, giant tortoises and white sand beach. Then return to Coco Island for a new dive.

Price for the day: 115 Euros per person (including 40 Euros of taxes on the islands visited), meals included. 50 Euros for 6/12 years old. Free for children 6 and under.

We can provide flippers, mask and snorkel, but we advise you to have your own equipment that will be more suitable, of course.

   Visiting Coco Island 

    Living coral is only 1 to 3 m deep

  Discover hundreds of exotic fish

  Visiting island Big Sister

  Grilled fish on the menu

  Giant tortoises and white sand beach


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