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Excursion 1 – Coco island

Cocos Islands, also called Ile Aux Cocos, are a group of small islets in the Seychelles archipelago. They can be found 7 km north of La Digue and lies in close proximity to La Digue’s other neighbours, Félicité Island and the Sisters Islands. It has been a marine park since 1996 and is a spectacular spot for snorkeling and diving and a popular venue for excursions.

Coco island
Half Day
25 Euros for the 6/12 years
Free for the under 6 years
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Boat trips from islands to islands.

We have 3 boats and every morning at 9:30 we offer various trips to the islands near the island of La Digue, our home port.

coco island excursion
EXCURSION 1 / Half day

Coco Island is reached in 15 minutes. Living coral is only 1 to 3 m deep. A mask and a snorkel are enough to discover hundreds of exotic fish, all around you. Frequent turtles and sometimes a manta ray is passing ...

Then we move to Félicité Island. Nearby. Again, coral and more background as soon as we move away a little. There too, exotic fish everywhere, turtles frequent. I saw a huge manta ray in January.

Price for the half-day: 55 Euros (of which 15 Euros of taxes) per person, 25 Euros for the 6/12 years, free for the under 6 years.

We can provide flippers, mask and snorkel, but we advise you to have your own equipment that will be more suitable, of course.

  Visiting Coco Island

  Living coral is only 1 to 3 m deep

  Discover hundreds of exotic fish

  Visiting Félicité Island


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