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Big Game Fishing Big game fishing in the fish-rich waters of Seychelles. Our three boats are equipped for big game fishing. Depending on the season, we will take you offshore, to the “drop”, where the depth increases suddenly, even where predators like to hunt 

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Aboard boats, fully-equipped with world-class gear, our expert crew will take you to the best spots where deep sea treasures await. Enjoy the freedom of sailing across the cobalt-blue waters of the Indian-Ocean, ready for a lifetime big game fishing experience in Seychelles. Our team of professional fishermen will prepare you for a challenging battle against some of the biggest and fastest big game species. Warm waters, great weather & sea conditions, a perfect fleet – all’s set to maximize your chances of catching the Marlin of your dreams and a wide variety of other exciting game fish species … So let the fun and the fight begin! 

big game fishing seychelles

La Digue island, Seychelles
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